What is the Wanderlust Festival?

There are all kinds of festivals these days, they are held for almost everything. One of the most interesting however is the Wanderlust Festival. This is primarily a yoga festival but it goes a lot further than that. It is really a lifestyle festival that it is aimed at people who choose to live in a certain way, with things like organic and locally grown foods, art installations and music all playing an important role.

The Wanderlust Festival is an event that is held once a year that brings together the top yoga teachers, musical acts and speakers. There are also some of the finest chefs and winemaker at the festival. The result is that you can go and see a musical performance, learn from a yoga master and eat an outstanding meal all in the same day. There are actually all kinds of other things go on at the festival as well. There are craft fairs, nature hikes and even a place for the kids so you can bring them along.


The Wanderlust Festival is held during the summer at Squaw Valley which is one of the top ski areas in California. During the summer the area offers outstanding hiking amidst some spectacular scenery. This is incorporated into the Wanderlust Festival as meditation walks are included as part of the program. There are now also festivals being held in other locations as well due to the popularity of the event at Squaw Valley. These other events are similar in nature to the main but the big event is still the one that is held at the Squaw Valley site.

The main focus of the Wanderlust Festival is the yoga; the rest is really just there to make sure that people have a good time. Nevertheless there is no need to be a serious practitioner of yoga for you to enjoy the festival. There are plenty of people who go for the music and the dancing as well as the food. Really the event is just about having a good time and about giving people with an interest in yoga a chance to get together. This is a big part of why the event has become so popular.

While you don't necessarily have to be into yoga to enjoy the Wanderlust Festival it would be helpful if you enjoyed that type of lifestyle. The chefs and winemakers for example are those that use biodynamic and organic ingredients that are grown locally. In large part Wanderlust is a lifestyle festival, one that promotes healthy and simple living. For most people who go to the festival yoga is a big part of this but it is far from the only part. Whatever your particular interest if the lifestyle appeals to you there is a pretty good chance that you will find something that you enjoy at the festival.